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  1. Digital Printing on Silk Fabric
    Digital Art Creation – October, 2012, pages 48 - 58
    Kathyanne White

    For over 9 years I have been working with the process of digital printing alternative surfaces. I printed surfaces such as silk, canvas and cotton that were already prepared for printing. Then while participating in a wide format printing class at a local community college, I researched methods of preparing my own surfaces and bought my first bottle of precoat from inkAID.

  2. Digital Printing Alternative Surfaces Recycled Plastics
    Digital Art Creation – December, 2012, pages 35 - 43
    Kathyanne White

    The subject of this column is a surface that is funky, textural and on the edge – recycled plastic bags. They are readily available – dry cleaner bags, grocery bags, bags from retailers and jusy about any sift thin plastic you can find.

  3. Metals for Digital Printing
    Photo Technique Magazine
    Wendy Erickson

    I often want the old time ‘look’ of a vintage print on metal without having the time or supplies needed to actually create one. I’ve had excellent results post- processing digital photographs with Nik Snapseed to achieve the grungy look I am sometimes after. But often an inkjet print on paper still doesn’t work.

    There are some shiny new toys out there for photographers, in the form of metal or metal-look substrates as well as the ability to hand-coat your own choice of metals. I’ll explore the basic materials available in four different categories and discuss how you might use or adapt them for your own photographs.